Suboxone Doctor in Miami

Providing an Opioid Addiction Treatment Program
Using Suboxone/Subutex/Buprenorphine

Opioid Addiction
Treatment Program

Dr. Robert Ben Mitchell, D.O.
Osteopathic Physician
Florida Lic OS7690

(call for info 24/7)

treatment for addiction
to pain meds and heroin
with Suboxone/Subutex


If you would like to start treatment here for opioid dependency please call us for an over-the-phone consultation: 786-262-5750.  It only takes about 10 to 15 minutes and there is no charge for this phone consultation.   Your phone consultation will give you the opportunity to speak directly with Dr. Mitchell and to determine if this may be the right treatment program for you.  If so, we will schedule you for the next available appointment.  Due to the large number of people seeking treatment, it can sometimes take 3 to 5 days to get your first appointment.  However, after your first visit, follow-up appointments are usually available by calling 2 to 3 days in advance. 


Suboxone and Subutex are similar, but not identical.  Dr. Mitchell cannot determine which is the most appropriate one for you until your in-office consultation.  If you are not satisfied with the medication options he determines are safest for you and you decide not to undergo treatment with him, there will be no charge for your first visit.

If you are coming in for opioid dependency, you must stop all opioid use at least 24 hours prior to your first visit (call for specific details as individual circumstances may vary).

We advise that you have someone drive you to your first appointment as you will likely be in withdrawals.

The first visit usually takes 2 hours and requires a 2mg in-office test dose to verify the medication is safe for you.  You must be in full withdrawals to safely take this test dose.

Bring a picture ID with your date of birth on it, preferably a Florida Driver's License if you have one.

There is about 15-20 minutes of paperwork to do, so bring glasses if you need them.

Bring at least $60 to your first visit to cover the first office fee of $50 and the test dose fee of $10.  If everything is okay after you take the test dose, Dr. Mitchell will write a one-week prescription you can fill at any pharmacy of your choice.

We do not sell medication.  Check your local phamarcies for prices and availability.

See the FEES page for other program fee information.

We accept cash, Visa or Mastercard and either debit or credit card are fine, however, your name must be on the card.  If someone else is paying for your visit using their credit/debt card, they must be with you at your appointment and have a valid picture ID of their own.  We do not accept checks or phone-in card payments.

After your first visit, you can return if and when you need further treatment by either pre-scheduling a follow-up when you are seen, or by calling to schedule an appointment 2-3 days in advance of when you want to return.  This is voluntary treatment, and you can come back as you need.