Opioid Addiction
Treatment Program

Dr. Robert Ben Mitchell, D.O.
Suboxone Doctor in Miami
16375 NE 18 Ave, #310
Miami, Florida 33162
Florida Lic #OS7690
website: trafn.com

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During your treatment, Dr. Mitchell will gather personal health information (PHI) about you including, but not limited to, your medical history, your current health status, and your future medical and personal goals.  Dr. Mitchell is committed to protecting your privacy and to ensure that medical information about you is kept private.  Should it occur, he will notify you in the event there is a breach in privacy of your PHI.

To protect your PHI, your medical chart is kept in paper form only , is stored in a secure, locked area, and IS NOT stored on computers or online.

Dr. Mitchell WILL NOT USE OR SHARE your PHI either for research purposes, for marketing purposes, or for health insurance payments or authorizations.

Dr. Mitchell WILL SHARE your PHI, but ONLY WITH YOUR WRITTEN CONSENT to coordinate care with other healthcare providers, fulfill medical record requests made by a law firm that is representing you, or for a State of Florida disability ruling concerning you.

Dr. Mitchell WILL SHARE your PHI to comply with all legal subpoenas regarding you, WITH OR WITHOUT YOUR CONSENT, but will notify you of these subpoenas should they occur.

Dr. Mitchell will notify you In the event a request is made for your PHI that is not covered by one of the conditions listed above, and he will first get your written consent before complying with such requests.

Patients my request a copy of their personal medical chart by contacting Dr. Mitchell directly either by phone or email at: