Suboxone Doctor in Miami

Providing an Opioid Addiction Treatment Program
Using Suboxone/Subutex/Buprenorphine

Opioid Addiction
Treatment Program

Dr. Robert Ben Mitchell, D.O.
Osteopathic Physician
Florida Lic OS7690

(call for info 24/7)

treatment for addiction
to pain meds and heroin
with Suboxone/Subutex


There are no enrollment fees in this program.  Though you will be seen privately by Dr. Mitchell for your individual assessment, when you arrive you may have to fill out paperwork in our waiting area with other people.

Bring $60 to your first visit - $50 for the first week enrollment and $10 for the in-office 2mg test doses of buprenorphine (test doses are used to verify that you respond well to this treatment).

This is voluntary treatment, and you can come back as you need.  This office uses a ladder system - as you progress in your recovery you can sign up for longer enrollment of 2, 3 or, 4 week office visits.  If you want to enroll for 2 or more weeks, you must first pass a mandatory drug test, however, this test is not required for one week enrollments.

We do not sell medication at this office, and generic equivalents of Suboxone/Subutex are now availalbe.  Please check with local pharmacies near you for availability and prices.

If for any reason, your evaluation with Dr. Mitchell shows that Suboxone/Subutex or their generic equivalents are not an appropriate treatment for you, or you decide not to undergo treatment with Dr. Mitchell after you have had your initial consultation, then there will be no charge for your first visit.

Program Fees:

This is voluntary treatment, and you can come back as you need.  Fees for follow-up visits in this program are solely based upon how many weeks of treatment you sign-up for, as follows:

      1 week enrollment - $50

      2 week enrollment - $70

      3 week enrollment - $140

      4 week enrollment - $180

Negative drug tests are free.  If a drug test is ever positive for anything (including marijuana) that has not been confirmed ahead of time as a prescription medication, then the drug test costs $30.  If you have a Florida State Medical Marijuana Card, marijuana is NOT counted on your drug tests.

There is a $10 late fee if you show up significantly late for your scheduled appointment time, and a $30 charge for missed follow-up appointments without at least a 24 hour prior notice of cancellation.

These fees include all routine services provided in the office, including the visit with Dr. Mitchell, counseling during each visit, and prescription slips for medication.  Blood or urine tests, if requested by either the patient or Dr. Mitchell are not included in these fees.