robert ben mitchell
substance abuse
and sexual abuse
recovery coach

Having gone through decades of therapy and coaching during my own recovery, I suggest the following:

PEEL THE ONION SLOWLY: Like an onion, there are many layers to the traumas we suffer as survivors of substance and sexual abuse, and that trauma can become magnified over time. These aren’t quick-fix kind of problems. It’s going to take time, maybe years, to come to terms with the underlying issues and emotions, so take it slow, and be gentle and patient with yourself.

YOU MAKE THE SCHEDULE: Let’s work together at a pace that’s comfortable for you, where you decide how often we meet by phone. I work with clients on weekdays and weekends, so we can find the time that’s right for you.

TALK ABOUT ANYTHING: It’s important to focus on what’s important to you. Every person has their own unique story, and every person has their own unique solutions. As your coach, my job is to help you find your own best solutions.

TAKE BREAKS OFTEN: I found it helpful to work with a therapist or coach for three to six months, and then stop for several months. These breaks allow me time to think about what I had learned and to fully absorb its value and meaning.

STAY WITH ME A WHILE: Everyone has something new to offer you, so rather than work with just one person, after each break, find someone new to help you. This will give you the most windows into your past and future, and the strongest foundation for a long-term, stable recovery.